What’s that Smell?! Who the hell knows?

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Yes, that’s a bowl of seashells in the background, and no, they don’t smell.

I smell like tar. I think.

You see, recently I had this rash.

I think it came from a charm I had hanging around my neck–a charm that was perhaps made with a less-than-authentic metal.

Clearly the rash was a result of the chemicals or whatever in the metal running straight down off where the charm lay when I took a shower….so you can probably figure out where the rash was.

I went to see my doctor and he gave me some cream to fix it.

The cream smells like tar.  Actually it has some betadine in it, which explains the smell.

Then, the other day someone was chatting with me, when all of a sudden they said, “ooh, something smells nice.  What are you wearing?”

I don’t wear perfume, so that wasn’t it; I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my deodorant or my freshly brushed teeth; I’d taken a shower, as I do every morning, so I suppose it could have been my soap….

But what I really think it was was the oil I put in my hair.  It’s called Oro Fluido (it comes from Spain) and it reminds of a very deep, fragrant wood.  I love it so much that sometimes I put it on my skin too.  I love it so much that when my hairdresser-friend May told me stores weren’t carrying it anymore, I immediately went on line and bought four bottles through Amazon—which will probably last me close to as many years.

Yep, must have been the Oro Fluido.

Or was it?

Both these situations got me to thinking.  And I started to count the number of items with fragrance I put on every day.  Are you ready for this?

  1. Shampoo: never the same two days in a row, as I alternate, but I wash my hair every morning (I’d look like a scarecrow if I didn’t);
  2. Body wash: this is something new in the last couple of years, ever since I discovered Bath & Body Works;
  3. Conditioner: usually compatible with the shampoo, but not always, and even so, a different scent;
  4. Soap: regular soap for my you-know-where parts;
  5. Hair Oil: my good old Oro Fluido (or recently, a substitute May gave me to try that’s nice too);
  6. Body oil or lotion: when you live in a place with consistently less than 50% humidity, you need some kind of skin cream, or you will crack up and turn to dust…or worse yet, look older than you are–no thank you;
  7. Deodorant: speaking of which, don’t you hate when you’re in the store and you’re trying to buy the scent you had before and you get it home and you realize it’s not that one and you actually don’t like it? And you bought the bigger size, so now you have to smell that smell for a month and a half..or more?
  8. Powder: for the parts that get sweaty during the day;
  9. Hair spray: sometimes yes, sometimes no;
  10. Toothpaste: because you want to start the day with clean breath, and somehow, all that other stuff doesn’t matter if your teeth feel fuzzy;
  11. Chapstick or lip balm: I don’t wear lipstick, so I have to put this on several times a day. And anyway, lipstick usually has a scent to it too;
  12. Hand Soap: gotta wash my hands after tidying up after the visiting kitty.
  13. Well, and for now, the stinky betadine.

Now, if I was a perfume wearer, and if I counted my clothes (detergent and fabric sheet), I’d be up to 16 different scents on me, all before 9 am.

What the hell?

How do people with a low tolerance or a real issue (like allergies to aromas) get themselves together every day?  I’d really like to know.

I mean, I know that in most cases, we are selecting products based on their smells. Witness my deodorant mis-purchase; I did pop the cap and smell the lid.  Obviously my nose was not functioning properly that day.

And you can’t tell me you’ve never popped open the caps of the shampoos to smell them, or that you haven’t gone into one of those soap stores like Lush and sniffed everything in sight.  Heck, you can try every single scent that Bath & Body Works carries if you want—they’ve got that sink built in and all the testers out for you to try. Imagine how many scents you could walk out smelling like, if you wanted to?

So, when someone compliments you and asks you what you’re wearing, I’d suggest you just mumble something about your deodorant or toothpaste or some other obscure item you use….and leave them wondering.

Am I the only one?  I can’t imagine I am, and I expect there are people who use more than I do.  Tell me if you do!

2 thoughts on “What’s that Smell?! Who the hell knows?

  1. Marsha Cochrane

    Now that you’ve listed off how many things have fragrance in them that we use every day, it’s perfume overload for me. I have sensitive skin and try to minimize scented products which is so hard to do. The one that gets me is the scented “beads” that you can add to your laundry as if the detergent and fabric softener isn’t fragrant enough. My biggest pet peeve is people who pile on actual perfume or cologne in massive amounts, it’s actually hard to breathe when you are around them. I’d best stop here as I realize I’m officially ranting.. sorry about that.

    I enjoy your blog Betty, thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. Just Bet

      Thanks, Marsha–so glad you’re enjoying!
      Yeah, I’m not sure what the deal is with those little beads.
      The other thing that drives me crazy is one particular perfume–I’m not sure what it is, but I put it in the ranks of “old lady” perfumes (hey, uh-oh), and sometimes I catch a whiff when I’m walking through a department store (how do people with low tolerance even manage that??) and I hate it so much, it wrecks my desire to shop (store managers take note!). No one I know wears it, so hopefully it’s becoming passe.

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