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San Francisco photo essay

On a list of my top five cities (which would include New York and Paris and I don’t know where else right now) is most definitely San Francisco.

I’ll never forget the first time I came through the Marin Headlands in that drive-away bomb of a car I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (the one that broke down at a tobacco farm in Wisconsin?) and came down the hill as the Golden Gate Bridge loomed before me.

Absolutely awesome, spectacular and scary at the same time.

I was blown away by the dramatic steepness of the roads, the cable cars, Alcatraz, the water views everywhere; Berkeley, the beaches, Pier 39, the Coit and Transamerica Towers.  It was breathtaking, and amazing.

And it still always is (especially those hills!)

FSCN3160 (2)I’m fortunate now to have my best friend living not far from the city, so I have more than a good excuse to visit. I guess I’ve now been there a half a dozen times or so over the years, and there’s always something new to see, to do, to experience.

So for this week, instead of writing a full-on piece, IFSCN3378 thought I’d present a slide show/photo essay of some of my favourite memories from trips to San Francisco.  (note:  I know I have some, and I’ve even driven it, but I cannot find a photo of Lombard Street, the World’s Crookedest Street; so I’ve included one from the web…courtesy of Trover).

And here’s a little Tony Bennett to play along.  You’re welcome.

And in case you’re interested:

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