Easter on the East Coast

bubble man
Last year in Union Square.  It looks like Easter colors.

Hello everybunny, and Happy Easter.

And Happy Passover to all my friends celebrating as well.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a very religious person (this is about as religious as I will ever get); that said, I’ve certainly had the opportunity to celebrate holidays with all my friends of all denominations (that’s not exactly true; in fact, just this morning, I was thinking that this year I must absolutely go to an iftar during Ramadan).

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Wine, Women….a Moscow Mule…..Spam…and Michelle Obama. Oh, and Podcast #2!

obama 1

Long week…off sick Monday with a blasted head cold, a new employee (who I know will be great) starting on Tuesday, the rest of the week full of the usual—work, home, work, snow, work, head cold.  Blech.

So, on the way home on an exciting Friday night:  a quick trip to the grocery store (lunch with a friend tomorrow, plus general provisions), filled up the car with gas (yikes, big price jump—should’ve gone yesterday), loaded up the purchases in my little shopping cart and wheeled them upstairs.

Cat fed, jeans, sweater, socks, bra off….shorts and big sweat shirt on. I headed for the couch with the intention of just vegging for the evening. Possibly writing the blog, possibly prepping for tomorrow’s lunch, possibly hitting Netflix…the whole evening in front of me.

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Getting from a Pod to a Penitentiary…and back again…

I floated yesterday.

I went to one of those pod places—sensory deprivation float tanks–and gave it a shot.

There was a Groupon so I thought I’d take a chance and see what it was all about.

Now, I’ve never been suspended in warm, heavily salted water, soft spa music piping through, completely naked and in total darkness in my life—not even sure I really wanted to try it.

But for the price, it was worth trying out.

The only other time I can recall actually being suspended in water was at the start of what I often refer to as one of the strangest days of my life.

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Get off your Grönkulla and hand me that Fyrkantig, would ya please?

Well, for the very first time in my life, I’ve finally done it.

Living just a short drive away from one of the world’s most amazing stores for almost half my life, I’ve never actually attempted to build a piece of Ikea furniture.

But now I have.  Three pieces, actually. All by myself.

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I like to watch….or Suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, For Now.


Nobody’s home right now.                © 2018 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG.

It’s midnight in Washington D.C. as I write.  It’s pitch black; the sounds of night peepers can be heard between the sounds of sirens and car horns. It’s dark in the woods, and probably a little scary too, for most everything and everyone.

A camera set for night vision illuminates a spot that almost seems to glow.

It’s a large, empty nest, probably bigger than any nest you’ve ever seen.

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