The Way to a Girl’s Heart: Don’t Blow It.


love note

(this is an excerpt from last year’s journal, written in early January as I was starting to pack my life into boxes)

THIS is a love note:

Dearest Betty,

Through the abandoning of my defensive mechanisms, I am reluctantly forced to admit exactly how I feel about you.

My discipline, my pride has, up until this point, prevented me from telling you exactly how I feel.

I do not wish to manipulate or pressure you, but as you have asked for this note, here it is:

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Compliments to the Chef

bocuse 4
Chef Paul Bocuse, 1926-2018 (both photos of M. Bocuse taken from menu covers)

How we find our palates?

Certainly a large part of it has to do with our parents, or the people or person who cooks for and eats with us—we learn to like what we’re fed.  Granted, some of it we don’t like, but there’s so much more that we don’t know if we enjoy because if they don’t like it, we’ll never have it.

Take, for example, mushrooms.

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Taking in the Best of the Best—and You Can Vote Too!

westwood movies video
Movie theatre in Westwood, CA.  Remember when they all looked like this?    And yes,  I know, the dude keeps walking by–and disappearing (I’ll get this looping thing down soon-I hope)

As I sat and began to write this week’s entry, a bunch of clichés ran through my head for possible titles.  I know you’ve heard them before:

“…Here are the Nominees….

….The Envelope Please….

…And the Oscar goes to….

…I’d like to thank the Academy….”


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Don’t….Close…Your…Eyes……….the Longest Night of the Year.


The Perseid Meteor Shower, taken in August 2016 by my friend and photographer extraordinaire Adrian Shellard (check him out!); I had a wonderful photo of a full moon taken in Ghana by a friend, but I cannot find it (the moon was not full on December 11, 2017; in fact it was only a fingernail sliver in the sky on my longest night of the year).  And meteors are cool.

OK, we all know that sometime around December 21 is what is considered, in the Northern Hemisphere (I almost forgot there are people reading this on the bottom of the world, and for them it’s the other way around), the longest night of the year.

Or maybe it’s the shortest day—it’s a glass-half-empty kind of thing, but in this case my story is about the night, so we’ll go with that.

When was the last time you stayed up all night?

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Tomorrow doesn’t have to be un-bear-able…..just sayin’


P1010209 (2)
I snapped these two at a nature preserve in Alaska about a lifetime ago (ok, about ten years or so); they were actually playing, and they were actually on the other side of a fence…..

Tomorrow is the saddest day of the year.

It’s a fact: the third Monday in January is considered the most depressing day of the year, and that’s backed by professionals–I didn’t make it up.

I hate to be the bearer of crappy, discouraging news—but you’d almost have to be a hermit to not have heard this before.

And there are a few reasons for this.

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What a difference a year can make.

How many times have I said that in the last 365 days?

Tonight, New Year’s Eve 2017, I’m in Tempe, Arizona. It’s a warm night and I’ve just come in from an evening out.

I’m at my brother’s condo; my niece and her boyfriend are off in Flagstaff snowboarding.  They took their pooch, Bella, so it’s just me in the empty space, which is nice.

It’s just after midnight in the Mountain Time Zone, and fireworks are exploding all around; in fact, it sounds as though there is a big show somewhere nearby (I can hear the geese in the nearby lake freaking out).  I’ve cracked the mini bottle of Moet to which I treated myself (I only had a couple of sips of warm champagne at the symphony, so I’m ready to toast 2018).  But I really need to finish writing before I polish off the bottle, for sure.


champ loop

Drinking and driving laws are pretty strict here in Arizona—as they should be, so I’ve had a dry New Year’s Eve day and night up till now, save for the one small sip hours ago.

And while it’s been dry, it’s been anything but dull.

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