7 thoughts on “Coming…December 31, 2017……

  1. Barbara

    Great read looks like you know how to enjoy your life to its fullest. You are an amazing person and a great adventurer!! Keep it up ☺️


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read, Barbara–and to send a note of support. I do hope you see yourself in some of the posts and that you’ll be comfortable being part of the conversation. Now tell your friends!


  2. To Vanessa who sent me an email (*I’ll send you a PM on FB too):

    Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks so much for having a look, and for your words of encouragement! You should be able to subscribe at the bottom of the page http://www.north-of-50.com (It’s driving me crazy because every time I type it in to check on exactly where you need to go on the page, it defaults to the editing page and I can’t see the one that you will see! Argh.) If that doesn’t work, you can just like the FB page which is North_of_50 (underscores). Let me know if you have trouble with it, ok?

    Happy New Year, and give my best to Rick!


    1. Hello! Just checked both and they seem to be working…make sure to use the _ (underscore) between the words….the website has dashes, but the social media sites all have underscores (did this for consistency—too bad I couldn’t get them all exactly the same, but it’s close!). Thanks for reading and checking in!


    1. Judith

      You did it! North of 50 has been birthed! Yes…what a difference a year makes. And, every year to come, will bring you strength and new adventures to write about. Happy New Year my friend. You keep writing and I’ll keep listening and reading. I am, and will always be, your biggest fan.


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