Wine, Women….a Moscow Mule…..Spam…and Michelle Obama. Oh, and Podcast #2!

obama 1

Long week…off sick Monday with a blasted head cold, a new employee (who I know will be great) starting on Tuesday, the rest of the week full of the usual—work, home, work, snow, work, head cold.  Blech.

So, on the way home on an exciting Friday night:  a quick trip to the grocery store (lunch with a friend tomorrow, plus general provisions), filled up the car with gas (yikes, big price jump—should’ve gone yesterday), loaded up the purchases in my little shopping cart and wheeled them upstairs.

Cat fed, jeans, sweater, socks, bra off….shorts and big sweat shirt on. I headed for the couch with the intention of just vegging for the evening. Possibly writing the blog, possibly prepping for tomorrow’s lunch, possibly hitting Netflix…the whole evening in front of me.

So there I am, on the couch, TV on, dinner in front of me…Ok, not really dinner….I saw Spam—yes Spam—on sale at the store and I bought it on impulse.  So I fried up a few slices (I know, gross, but if you haven’t had it in forever, it really is…umm…unique).  I was pondering what exactly was in the canned meat, and then my phone buzzed.  A friend…with a spare ticket to see Michelle Obama speak.

Wait, what?

There I am, Friday night, Spam on a fork, the presentation starting in 15 minutes, and I’m at least that far away from the venue. Do I stay or do I go?

I think I gave it about ten minutes (you know—I‘m sure you’ve had this fight in your own head—just like this– “OMG Michelle Obama!…Ugh, I have no bra on….but Michelle Obama….but, I’m eating Spam…..but Michelle…but it’s warm, I’m tired….but…”) before I thought to myself—are you out of your mind?

These tickets were hard to come by and definitely not cheap—a sellout crowd of 6000 people…and when would I ever get the chance to see Michelle Obama speak again?

I threw on some clothes and was out the door in another 15 minutes or so, got to the venue about 45 minutes into what I thought was a 90 minute program.  Had to scramble to find the person holding the tickets.

She was captivating, but unfortunately for me, on her last question (it was set up as a conversation) as I took my seat.  So for about ten or fifteen minutes I got to watch and,more importantly, listen.  Another friend (who I somehow, very mysteriously, ended up seated next to–not the person who called me) told me she recorded it, and while I won’t post it here, I will ask her if I can have a listen, so I can hear the entire program.

obama collage

After the event (which for me was over all too soon–probably everyone else too), I ran into my friend Susan, along with Amy and Nat.  We went out for a drink and a bite to eat (after all, now it’s only 9 pm, the Spam is a distant memory and the night is young. Ish).

So, after we drank, and ate, and drank (a very excellent wine…note to self: ask Amy what it was),  I asked these three ladies to tell me what they thought about the presentation, and I now present to you: Podcast #2!

obama 8
Susan (l), Amy and Nat (r) sat down to chat. And drink a little too.

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