Podcast: Little Chrissy Hits the Big 5-O!

christine 5

I always knew her as “little Chrissy”.  She lived across the street from me growing up, but we were too far apart in age to ever play together.  By the time she was in elementary school, I was focused on my learner’s permit.  And boys. And who all knows what else.

Chrissy’s dad was the police chief for a while, and frankly, I knew him better than I knew her. Not because I did anything wrong (well, not too much, and nothing he ever knew about), just because I was of that age that the cops tend to keep an eye on the kids, especially in a small town.

But I certainly knew of her, and when I saw a Facebook post to a “Christine” sending condolences from many of my friends on the passing of her dad, I knew right away who she was.

And so we became friends.  FB, and in the traditional sense. We shared some private messages, and when I went down to Arizona over the New Year’s break, we met for breakfast to catch up. And it was great.

christine 3

(I don’t usually place photos of myself in the blog, but I really like the one, taken on the last day of last year in Scottsdale, Arizona with Christine..note she is wearing a Flames sweatshirt…very, very classy.)

So little when little Chrissy told me she was about to hit the half century mark, I figured she could tell me about it—how she was feeling, what she was doing with her life…that sort of stuff.

It was so much fun chatting with her, we decided to do a podcast to talk about what it meant to her to hit the milestone of heading “North of 50”.  Have a listen.

Great photos from the East End…
chrissy collage
…And some more, from here and there.

So you heard Christine say that she has another name these days, and that is PICTURE LADY . The photos you see on this page were all taken by her—go to her FB page and take a look at some of her other work, and drop her a line to tell her what you think…and if you live in the Phoenix area, connect with her!

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