For the record: Timmy was never in the well.

If you were to fall off the planet tomorrow, who would have to clean up after you?

None of us expects to leave our home in the morning and never come back.  But what if we didn’t?  What would someone find?

This is a reason to make your bed. And to take those clothes off the treadmill or chair or wherever you put them instead of the closet, and put them away–it really only takes a few minutes.  And clean the dishes in the sink. I mean what could be worse than a loved one or friend or, God forbid, a stranger coming into your home without you being able to utter “don’t mind the mess”?

Ditto for when we head out on vacation, although hopefully we’re a little more prepared when we go away for a while.  We’re just not planning to go away forever.

OK, so those are things on the surface.  But ultimately someone’s going to go through your drawers.

And your computer.

What ever will they find?

You know, how when the murderer next door gets hauled away: the neighbors say…”he was very quiet. He kept to himself….”  or , “I always thought he was a little weird…” And then the cops say, “when we checked his/her computer we found a disturbing search history.  Frankly, based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re surprised this (the murder/bad activity/disappearance/death/general demise) didn’t happen sooner.”

So, I got to thinking about this the other day; so that no one is surprised, I decided to see where I’d been on line.  Here are some highlights:

It appears I asked a lot of questions…about people (gotta say, I love local papers):

Woman caught going 215 kms an hour in Alberta Well, this was just an interesting story.  I mean, my car’s speedometer goes up to 260 or 280 kms (for those of you who work in miles, that turns out to be about 175 miles an hour at the top end). I would assume that it goes that fast, but won’t be checking that out anytime soon.

Bus driver killed at Columbia Ice Field My friend Barbara was visiting and this happened while she was here…actually while she was on a tour at the Columbia Ice Field, so we looked it up to see what happened.

Who was Paul Prenter to Freddy Mercury?  I looked this up after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody (which in my opinion was just ok.  It felt like a vehicle to show us how they came up with their songs, and honestly? While undeniably incredibly talented, Mercury was not a very sympathetic character.  Just my two cents.)

Is Lillian Vernon still alive? OK, I had to check this for my mom.  I’m pretty sure that everyone woman my age knows Lillian Vernon.  We’d save our allowances and babysitting money for when that catalog came which, now that I think about it, was the precursor to online shopping as there were no bricks and mortar locations for the wares. .  It was filled with all that stuff we didn’t need but really, really wanted, stuff we couldn’t find in any store.  We’d order and then wait excitedly for the package to arrive–hair stuff, silly shirts, weird costume jewelry, or something for our moms for the kitchen.  Later, there was an actual store in the outlet mall near my mom’s, and it was filled with all that weird stuff.

The answer is no. She passed away in 2015 at the age of 88. Check out the link; she was an interesting woman.

Japan fountain Plensa  I looked this up because I saw this image on FB:

japan hair (2)
The digital artist is Chad Knight and it’s not real.   Read more here. Sigh.

The image made me think of a work here in Calgary called Wonderland by artist Jaume Plensa, and you can see why I thought they might be connected:

I can assure you, this one is real.  And you should come to see it.

Priyanka Chopra….looks like she marrried Nick Jonas? Is she an actress? Oh, she was Miss World…in 2000.  Why do I care? I have no idea.

When did Joey Ramone die? Holy cow, April 2001. I’m glad he missed 9-11.

And places…

Central Restaurante Lima: Ranked #6 in the World’s Best 50 (as decided by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy–who??), I managed to secure a reservation for lunch on an upcoming trip…I also managed to get into Astrid y Gaston and am on the waitlist for Maido…can’t wait!

House of a Thousand Clocks in Triberg, Germany   Wanna buy a cuckoo clock? This place at the edge of the Black Forest is the place to do it.  Or message me; I have one that doesn’t fit with my life. I looked this up because I am decluttering my email and deleting unnecessary junk mail; I got a quarterly message from the “Haus der 1000 uhren” that I don’t think I need anymore.

Iceland Blue Lagoon…a girl can dream of spring.


Burning Man  This one takes some planning; no idea if I will go, but you don’t get invited if you don’t plan ahead.

Woman kills mangy coyote in Danville, California….” Come back next week for the full story on this one.

Diwali wishes  I went to my first Diwali party this year–it was great fun, the food and drink fabulous and our hosts Anju and Sanjay were delightful.  Of course, I didn’t remember any of these well-wishes, so I simply stuck with “Happy Diwali!”

How to volunteer for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Not easy, so checking this out now.

And things

All recipes: Waffles.  I really needed this the other night. I now see I left out the oil.  They were still good.

Fortnite: Sounds popular.  But not for me.

Mortal Engines: Oh, it’s a movie.  I did not go see it.

What is azithromycin for? I had this in my fridge, one of the prescriptions for my upcoming trip.  It’s for diarrhea.  Now you know.  And so do I.

What is:

arracacha:  a root vegetable from South America, definitely on the menu somewhere I am going

Fussel’s:  Saw it in a store last summer and needed to know what it is.

What is devil’s triangle drinking game?:  from the Brett Kavanaugh testimony.  Had to look it up; sorry I did.  Strangely, this is probably the most shameful thing I have in my search history.

And the final question:

Did Timmy ever actually fall into the well?  (The answer is no. Lassie did though.  Timmy ended up in a tree or stalked by a mountain lion or tied to the tracks….but he never fell in the well. This came up the other day at work, so I checked again.  He did not.

So…I removed all the boring entries–weather, travel sites, schedules, the odd clothing reference…and it turns out

I’m really boring.

It looks like I don’t have a whole lot to worry about. Don’t worry Andy, it’s all good. But now,  I’d better go load the dishwasher and make my bed.










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